Single Musings Wall Sculptures

Each Single Musing is hand forged on the anvil with an improvised approach resulting in contemporary sculpture. Intuition leads the design direction while a section of solid heated steel is orange hot for only a few minutes. Years of experience and trust in the hammering process allow lyricism to be revealed in the hot metal which then cools in its finished form. Cleaning, sandblasting and powder coating conclude this process.

Christopher’s lifelong dedication to improvising flute music, paddling western rivers in his kayak, and hiking deep canyons has informed his aesthetics. His willingness to allow creative expression to flow through him while hammering results in a truly rare artistic expression.

Each Single Musing is unique. A Single Musing can be hung alone or arranged with several other forms to produce a one-of-a-kind composition.
You can contact Susan with your requests for color, design, size and composition and she can text images of Single Musings available.
$950 - $3,000 each