"Chinlone" Series

"In 1954 my political scientist father returned from a year in Burma with three wicker chinlone balls.  I was six years old. They fascinated me.  I enjoyed looking at them almost as much as kicking them.

These orbs are spherical projections of an icosiedodecahedron, the Archimedean Solid composed of 20 equilateral triangles and 12 regular pentagons.  I am not alone with my fascination.  Though Archimedes's original treatise was lost, all 12 of his solids were rediscovered by renaissance mathematicians and artists.  More recently Buckminster Fuller studied these 6 great circles each divided by the others into ten equal arcs.

Orbs are powder coated to withstand environmental elements with a clear UV protective finish." 

          - Christopher Thomson


Powdercoated Chinlone Garden Orbs

  18" Multi-Strand Chinlone Orb   $2,000  
 25" Multi-Strand Chinlone Orb   $3,500
38" Multi-Strand Chinlone Orb   $5,000
51" Multi-Strand Chinlone Orb   $6,800
76" Multi-Strand Chinlone Orb   $12,000
Stands are available for purchase, although they are not a requirement. Many of our customers place their Chinlone Orbs directly on the ground if the surface is level enough.
A customized stand to secure the Chinlone Orb sculpture in place, preventing it from rolling.
Stand for 25" Chinlone Orb   $950
Stand for 38" Chinlone Orb   $1,000
Stand for 51" Chinlone Orb   $1,100
Stand for 72" Chinlone Orb   $1,900


Please contact us for more information on these sculptures and for purchasing. 
email: info@christopherthomsonironworks.com
phone: (505) 470-3140

All sculptures are made out of powder coated forged steel. 
Custom colors are available upon request.