Top down view of a blacksmith hammering a red hot piece of steel at the anvil.

Mesa Blooms

Adorn your home or garden with a sculptural statement.

Pedestal or desktop Mesa Blooms add a bit of color and sculptural form in any environment. As a focal point or as a color accent, their improvisational aesthetic may inspire a moment for contemplation or simply inspire joy for color. One Mesa Bloom can be a graceful addition or a grouping can weave color and form for more delight.

For outdoors, 3 powder-coated brackets are included that can be screwed down or bolted securely to wood, cement or stone. 

Small Orange Balloon Mesa Bloom sculpture - hand forged by blacksmith, Christopher Thomson.
Orange Balloon Mesa Bloom

26"H x 6"W x 6"D
4 lbs.

A minimal, free standing yellow steel sculpture by Christopher Thomson Ironworks.
Yellow Meander Mesa Bloom

66"h x 12"w x 12"d
12 lbs.

Green Carnival Mesa Bloom hand forged sculpture.
Green Carnival Mesa Bloom

44"H x 8"W x 8"D
6 lbs.

Copper Feather Mesa Bloom hand forged metal sculpture.
Copper Feather Mesa Bloom

37"H x 7"W x 7"D
5 lbs.

Green free standing metal sculpture: Green Doodle Wisp Mesa Bloom
Green Beads Doodle Wisp Mesa Bloom

44"H x 8"W x 8"D
6 lbs.

A pineapple yellow free standing sculpture, minimal in design. The sculpture is standing outside in front of an adobe wall.
Pineapple Yellow Wave Mesa Bloom

95"h x 15"w x 15"d
24 lbs.

A bright green single element abstract sculpture made of hand forged steel. The sculpture has a square base and stands alone.
Green Beads Feather Mesa Bloom

77"h x 12"w x 12"d
13 lbs.

Green metal sculpture called "Green Doodle Wisp". Sculpture is self standing on a square base.
Green Doodle Wisp Mesa Bloom

37"H x 7"W x 7"D
5 lbs.