Public Sculptures: Aspire Series

Five years ago, Christopher Thomson began forging a series of garden sculptures, “Pajos” and “Blooms” that expressed optimism with their lyrical improvised forms. Collectors of his work responded with joyous smiles and commented about “how fun they are!”

Gradually transitioning to public sculpture like Aspire #1-5, he learned to translate exuberant expression into far more massive creations, using steam hammers and industrial presses.

Aspire #3 stands 198” tall and articulates its exuberance on a more massive scale. His improvisational hammer blows on the anvil of his steam hammer with a 500 lb. ram result in this same lyricism.

His sculptures are all created in his shop with the help of one or two assistants in the belief it is essential the work flow through him rather than be done by others.

By appointment, his forge/studio/gallery and sculpture garden on a rural bench of land between Rowe Mesa and a wild canyon of the Pecos river, are open for tours

Large abstract bronze sculpture by Christopher Thomson. Sculpture is 12 feet high and stands on a cement platform in a scenic landscape.
Aspire #1

155”h x 56”w x 42”d
700 lbs.

12 foot tall red, abstract sculpture made of steel standing alone in a high desert landscape.

148”h x 30”w x 30”d
400 lbs.

A very large abstract, yellow sculpture that stands 16 1/2 feet tall. Sculpture is made of hand blacksmith Christopher Thomson.

198”h x 156”w x 38”d
1,450 lbs.

A very large orange colored steel sculpture that stands on a sidewalk in town.

204”h x 66”w x 66”d
2,000 lbs.

Purple and red abstract public sculpture that stands in front of a building.
Aspire #5

245”h x 60”w x 54”d
1,700 lbs.