The Craft of Hand Forged Lighting

Illuminating Artistry

In the dim glow of my workshop, where the rhythmic ring of hammer on anvil echoes, I find myself pondering the nature of light. As a blacksmith specializing in hand forged lighting, I'm not just crafting wrought iron light fixtures; I'm sculpting the very ambiance of a home.

For those who seek more than mere illumination, who desire their living spaces to tell a story, wrought iron chandeliers offer a compelling narrative. Each piece I create is a testament to centuries-old techniques, melded with contemporary design sensibilities. The result? Bespoke lighting that transforms a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Creating a custom wrought iron chandelier is a dance of fire and metal, a process that begins long before the first hammer strike. It starts with a conversation—understanding the client's vision, the space the piece will inhabit, and the mood they wish to create. From there, I sketch designs, refining them until they capture the essence of what the client desires.

Wrought Iron Chandelier: Fleur Elegante Chandelier
Hand Forged Wrought Iron Chandelier with 12 candle lights.
Rustic Fleur Wrought Iron Chandelier
Oval Rustic Fleur Chandelier

My journey into crafting wrought iron lamps began with a simple appreciation for the raw beauty of forged metal. But as I honed my skills, I realized that lighting is about more than just the fixture—it's about how it shapes the space around it. This realization led me to explore the concept of dark sky lighting.

We have a handful of hand forged lighting fixtures that are dark sky compliant, a feature that resonates deeply with our discerning clientele. This means our exterior fixtures direct light downward, reducing light pollution and preserving the beauty of the night sky. It's a small but significant way we contribute to environmental consciousness without compromising on style or functionality.

High end wrought iron lamp with a spiral base shown with a linen drum shade. Lamp made by blacksmith Christopher Thomson in New Mexico.
Wrought iron Circle Lamp.
Simply Santa Fe wrought iron lamp shown with a linen drum shade.
Sheave Wrought Iron Lamp with Empire Sheepskin Shade by Christopher Thomson Ironworks.

The forging process itself is where the magic happens. Heating iron until it glows like the sun, I coax it into shapes both delicate and robust. The juxtaposition of the strong, industrial material with elegant, organic forms is what gives wrought iron lighting its unique character. Whether it's a grand chandelier for a foyer or a subtle wall sconce, each piece bears the marks of my hammer, telling the story of its creation.

For those seeking hand-forged lighting that goes beyond the ordinary, we offer a range of customization options. From the overall design to the tiniest details—like the curve of a leaf or the twist of a stem—every element can be tailored to the client's preferences. We even work with clients to incorporate meaningful symbols or motifs into their lighting, creating pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

High end custom made wrought iron chandelier by New Mexico blacksmith, Christopher Thomson.
Close up detail of blacksmith made custom chandelier.

Our wrought iron lamps are particularly popular for those looking to add a touch of old-world charm to modern spaces. These versatile pieces can serve as striking focal points in a room or provide subtle, ambient lighting that complements existing decor. And like all our lighting, they're crafted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that defines our work.

In a world where mass-produced items are the norm, hand-forged lighting stands apart. It brings a sense of history, craftsmanship, and individuality to a home. When you choose one of our pieces, you're not just buying a light fixture; you're investing in a work of art that will illuminate your space for generations to come.

Large blacksmith made wrought iron hanging lantern and an entry sconce in the background.
Wrought iron chandelier hanging over an indoor koi pond.

So, whether you're renovating a historic mansion, putting the finishing touches on a modern penthouse, or simply looking to elevate your home's ambiance, consider the timeless appeal of hand-forged lighting. From wrought iron chandeliers that command attention to subtle, dark sky compliant exterior fixtures, we create pieces that don't just light up a room—they ignite the imagination.

Indoor Koi pond at a mansion, lit entirely with iron light fixtures by blacksmith, Christopher Thomson.


The Craft of Hand Forged Lighting

The Craft of Hand Forged Lighting

From wrought iron chandeliers that command attention to subtle, dark sky compliant exterior fixtures, we create pieces that don't just light up a room—they ignite...

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