Album cover art  of the Grand Canyon with text reading, "Grand Canyon Stream of Conciousness - Christopher Thomson Solo Flute"

Grand Canyon Stream of Consciousness 2023

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April 4, 2023 with great excitement I launched on what I anticipated to be another of my 15-day 280-mile solo Grand Canyon Flute / Kayak Meditations. My Covid illness 10 days earlier was still causing severe brain fog, time-delayed reflexes, and unstable balance but I expected the canyon would heal me.

Unfortunately, in the very first rapid I tipped and hit my head hard on a rock. The concussion made all my symptoms far worse. For the next three days I rested, paddling only short distances but improvising lots of flute songs including the 12 on this cd. The music improved my spirits but not my coordination.

Finally, an Arizona River Runners raft trip kindly rescued me and let me ride with them to Phantom Ranch from where I hiked out on the the snowy trail.