Blacksmith made iron candlestick holders with a swirling base and a spiral design that wraps around taper candles.
Two artistic hand forged candlesticks with a swirling base that reaches upwards and wraps around the candles.
Finish samples for Swirl Candlesticks item #f305.

Cosmos Iron Candlestick Holders

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Inspired by our Universe, these wrought iron candlestick holders have a unique base that resembles a familiar pattern known as "The Spiral of Life". The hand forged steel wraps beautifully around the candle. This is a piece of home decor that endlessly reminds us of our timeless, expansive nature. This cosmos symbol is seen in petroglyphs all over the Southwest and is important to Mayan mythology.

Each forged iron candlestick holder comes with a natural, honey yellow beeswax candle.

Height w/out candle: 13"
Dia: 4 1/2"

´╗┐´╗┐Made in Northern New Mexico using 95% recycled steel.
Due to the hand forging process, slight variations in dimensions may occur. 

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