Red metal wall sculpture, Musing #17, hand forged by Christopher Thomson Ironworks

Musing #17

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Musing #17 is an improvised steel sculpture that was hand forged by Christopher Thomson in Northern New Mexico.  It is part of a series of wall sculptures that mimic the essence of the ancient rock and river meanderings of the Grand Canyon.  

A 3 dimensional red rose element distinguishes this wall sculpture from others in this rhythmic series. Measurements are 29” x 25” x 9”. The lyrical wisp, doodle and meander forms round out this sculptural expression, joyfully. Installed above a fireplace, bed, sofa or in an entryway, it will solicit smiles. We suggest this sculpture as a Valentine’s Day present for your loved one. 

Dimensions: 29"h x 25"w x 9"d
Finish: Red powder coat
Weight: 20lbs. 

One of a kind - sold as is

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