Metallic Pajo sculpture with three vertical pieces of hand forged steel attached to a spiral base.

Metallic Pajo


The Metallic Pajo is a minimalistic steel sculpture, favorable to those with a more neutral color palette. It's pewter black finish adds to the organic nature of the design, catching highlights along its points and curves. 

"Pajos are from a series I started in 2011. I forge the individual sticks or pajos in groups of 40. The forms change and evolve during the process. Then, in a more contemplative mindset, I compose them into groups of three attaching them to a spiral base. The interplay between the three elements is lyrical, meditative and unpredictable. They move nicely in the wind." - Christopher Thomson 


Hand crafted in our blacksmith studio located in Northern New Mexico using 95% recycled steel. Powder coated.

One of a kind - Sold as is

77"H x 13"W x 12"D
Weight: 25 lbs.