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Grand Canyon Solo - 2017

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Stream of Consciousness Flute Improvisations, played during a 15 day solo kayak trip down 280 miles of the Grand Canyon, recorded in dramatic acoustic and geologic landscapes, music is a tool in and product of my transformation to intuitive space.

"Alone in vastness...Paddling the fiberglass kayak I built 52 years ago down 280 miles of Grand Canyon rapids...Improvising flute to the constantly changing canyon... Echos, reverberations and magical vistas inform my playing...Eating only what fit in my tiny boat, speaking to no one...Living without news internet or digital devices...Discovering places that resonate with my soul and playing until the magical environs, the music and I are one...Walking on 1.75 billion year old rock...Discovering fossils of ancient creatures from long vanished inland seas...Experiencing my existence as an infinitesimal speck of a continuum so vast and wondrous that I do not feel diminished."

This is a physical CD.
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