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Christopher Thomson Ironworks

Pecos Canyon Flute Meditation - 2014

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Album Notes
"It was the tumult of the sixties that compelled me to drop out of Swarthmore College and become an artist. I, perhaps naively, believed that if we were to survive as a species we had to need less and experience the wonder of life more deeply and that art could lead the way.
I lived on communes and studied with master musicians, potters and blacksmiths. I sought to experience and express the magic of our existence through craft. I kayaked the rivers of the southwest on multi-week solo meditations walking up their deserted side canyons playing flute for entire days and nights until my mind stilled and music, nature, and myself were one.
Over the last 30 years it has been my quest to forge steel with the same improvisational freedom I experienced in those canyons. Ironically it has required the acquisition of large industrial power hammers, forges and presses and using them continuously until the flames and ground shaking forces could be employed mindlessly. In magic moments this lifetime of practice allows me to surrender to intuitions far truer than logic."

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