Heirloom quality wrought iron Poquito Four Tool Fireplace Set with a rust finish. Hand forged by blacksmith Christopher Thomson Ironworks.
Wrought iron forged tool fireplace tool set next to a kiva fireplace.
Rustic Black, Pewter Black and Rust finish samples.

Four Tool Fireplace Set

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Hand forged in New Mexico using 95% recycled steel.

Available in 4 different sizes.
Includes: poker + broom + shovel + tongs + stand

Baby Poquito - OAH 23”
Tools: 20"h
Base: 13”w x 8" deep

Poquito - OAH 30”
Tools: 26” h
Base: 17”w x 10” deep

Kiva - OAH 36” 
Tools: 32” h
Base: 17”w x 10” deep

Grande - OAH 42” 
Tools: 39” h
Base: 17”w x 10” deep

* Finish represented in this image: Rust - acquired through a 2 month long process of repeated salt water treatments under the sun. After the desired rust finish has been obtained, the extra rust is scrubbed off and we complete the process by applying a non-toxic orange oil finish.
* Due to the hand forging process, slight variations in dimensions may occur. 

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