Blacktail Canyon Flute - 2016 - Christopher Thomson Ironworks
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Blacktail Canyon Flute - 2016

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Amid the Grand Canyon's magical echoes and reverberations this in-the-moment improvisation was played from the state of wonder induced by weeks of hiking and kayaking through geologic time.

"September 6, 1997--day 8 of 13--Kayaking 296 miles down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon-Equipped with only the supplies that fit within my tiny boat-Surrendering to the rhythms and vastness of the canyon-I pulled my craft up onto the sandy Blacktail Canyon Beach, cooked myself a cup of soup, painted a quick watercolor, walked up the familiar canyon, and played flute all night.
This CD is an unedited 1 hour slice of that music. The echos and reverberations inform my playing. Trips down the Grand Canyon inspire me to enter intuitive space. Music is both a tool in and a product of this transformation. In this side canyon the Vishnu Schist beneath my feet is 1.8 billion years old. The Tapeats Sandstone behind me is 550 million years old. This great unconformity is a 1.2 billion year gap in the geologic record. In this spot I experience my existence from a unique perspective."

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