Three heavy duty Spiral wrought iron candlestick holders made by blacksmith Christopher Thompson Ironworks.
Three Spiral Wrought Iron Candlestick Holders made by blacksmith artist, Christopher Thomson - shown with large candles.
Single Spiral rustic hand forged Candlestick holder with a wide base.
Wrought iron chair, forged steel table and hand forged candlestick holders by award winning blacksmith from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Christopher Thomson.
Spiral Candlesticks metal finish examples.

Spiral Iron Candlestick Holders

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These hand forged wrought iron candlestick holders make a beautiful accessory to the dining table or anywhere you want to add a bit of rustic, yet elegant timeless decor. It's 5 1/2" base stands strong, while the center of the forged candlestick is twisted into an upward spiraling motion. Each hand forged candlestick comes with a honey yellow natural beeswax candle.

Height w/out candle: 16", 20", or 24"
Top: 4 1/2" dia.
Base: 5 1/2" dia
Includes candle: 2"w x 5"h

* $330 each, regardless of size
Finish represented in this photo: Pewter Black 
* Due to the hand forging process, slight variations in dimensions may exist. 

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