Ceiling Pendants
Wrought iron drop pendant dining table light forged out of a single piece of metal with a 9 x 9 inch cone shaped shade.
A Compact Ceiling Pendant made of hand forged steel. Overall dimensions: Overall: 16”h x 8”w x 8”d
Ceiling Pendants
Ceiling Pendants
Christopher Thomson Ironworks

Ceiling Pendants

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Perfect for illuminating your dining table, kitchen island, counters or bar. This elegant drop pendant light is hand forged out of 95% recycled steel. A single ceiling pendant can provide a dramatic spot of floodlight in the foyer, above a desk or dinette. Hanging multiple pendants in a straight line will light the entire length of a long dining table or across kitchen counters.

Our pendant lights are night sky code compliant and can be used outdoors with a powder coated finish. They provide ample lighting for the porch, barnyard, or gazebo.

Custom made for your specific height requirements. The sizes and prices listed are to be used for guidelines. We acknowledge that every home is unique and will gladly custom design the right sized pendant for you.

Please contact us to specify exact dimensions.

  ** If your item is going to be used outdoors, please ensure that you choose an "Interior / Exterior" finish.**
These are finishes that are powder coated and UL approved.

These photo represents one of many finishes available.
Due to the hand forging process, slight variations in dimensions may exist.

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