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Christopher has released a new CD of improvised flute music entitled, Blacktail Canyon Flute.


September 6, 1997
Day 8 of 13

Kayaking down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Equipped with only supplies that fit inside my tiny boat-surrendering to the rhythms and vastness of the canyon-I pulled my craft up on to sandy Blacktail Canyon Beach, cooked myself a cup of soup, painted a quick watercolor, walked up the familiar canyon, and played flute all night.


This CD is an unedited 1 hour slice of that music. The echoes and reverberations inform my playing. Trips down this canyon inspire me to enter intuitive space. Music is both a product of and a tool in this transformation. The Vishnu Schist beneath my feet is 1.8 million billion years old. The Tapeats Sandstone behind me is 550 million years ild. This Great Unconformity is a 1.2 billion year geologic gap. Here I experience my existence from a unique perspective.


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